Products you use become
a part of your everyday life and surroundings.
They represent your lifestyle and
create the ambiance of your home and or office.

Our customers know
this to be true and are drawn
to ODDICT for this very reason.

  ODDICT is a tech lifestyle brand created
to satisfy the needs of such customers.
Our goal is to design high-quality, functional products
that blend seamlessly with your routine and space.
Phiaton is a premium brand launched by Cresyn, , one of the most respected names in consumer electronics, and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of audio equipment since its establishment in 1959.

Phiaton is a combination of words from different languages: PHI which means golden ratio in Greek, TONE referring to the character and quality of sound, and TON which means fashionable style in French, so the name Phiaton means the golden ratio of sound and fashionable design.

As such, Phiaton seeks to develop products with the best technology combined with fashionable design and materials to provide the best listening experience to music lovers around the world.

In order to achieve this, we continuously thrive to develop premium audio devices that produce accurate and original sound on a whole new level through endless R&D and by incorporating new technology.

The world is listening with Phiaton