Company Overview

  • 01  The Beginning of Cresyn
    Cresyn, founded in 1959 as a company producing phonograph needles, transitioned to manufacturing earphones and headphones in 1985. Since then, Cresyn has been specializing in the field of audio and communication accessories for more than 60 years.
  • 02  World-Class Audio Equipment
    Cresyn produces earphones, headphones, cell phone headsets, and etc. for many of the leading global audio equipment and cellphone manufacturers, and its customers have recognized Cresyn for its superior audio quality and design.
  • 03  Overseas Market Expansion
    Cresyn aims to introduce Phiaton, its premium brand for high-quality audio and high-end design, in overseas markets to further propel future growth. In addition, Cresyn is preparing for expansion into various fields through active investment and R&D (Research and development).
  • 04  Cresyn’s Vision
    Cresyn will continue to create value for its customers through continuous R&D with the goal to secure technological advances, design innovation, customer support, a broad service platform, and a global production network. Moreover, with the continuous trust and support of the customer base that Cresyn has built up over the years, we promise to deliver the best sound possible and to improve the quality of life for all of our customers.